Much of the world has experienced an explosion in the birth of new craft beers and breweries in recent years.  Italy has been no exception in this, and the “Birra Artigianale” movement has become one of the most exciting and rapidly expanding sectors in the country’s beverage industry.  Long subjected to the mass produced, uninviting products of 2 or 3 overly commercialized brands, the Italian consumer has responded in force, eagerly supporting a veritable cornucopia of small, premium quality craft brewers from across the peninsula.


Anima is one such brewer.  Located near Cuneo in the rolling hills of Piemonte, this young and innovative brewery hails from a terroir that is stubborn but generous.  Fanatically dedicated to quality, the brewery concentrates the entirety of its energy in crafting products that are nothing short of superb, beers that are designed to create moments of true gastronomic pleasure.  Working exclusively with the finest barley and natural mountain spring water available, they strive to create a beer that emanates the very life and soul of its terroir, a taste experience dedicated to excellence. 


Anastasia (500ml)

Cleopatra (500ml)

Leonardo (500ml)

Newton (500ml)

Mozart (500ml)

Dante (500ml)