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Nestled in the shadow of Northern Italy’s Dolomites and in the heart of Veneto’s famed Treviso District, Bonotto delle Tezze is a winery with ancient and historic ties to Venetian winemaking traditions.  Founded over 600 years ago near the tiny hamlet of Malanotte, the estate was known for centuries as the primary wine supplier to the region’s aristocracy.  In modern times, the Bonotto family’s growing efforts have become internationally known, and their focus in the cultivation and preservation of the ancient Raboso grape have established the winery as one of the most vital contributors to Northern Italy’s wine industry.


The unquestioned lord of Italy’s newest DOCG (Malanotte del Piave), Bonotto delle Tezze is committed to strict quality controls and perfection in the wines it produces.  Grapes are exclusively sourced from the winery estate, and all are harvested by hand in the traditional manner. The best Raboso grapes are kept within their cru designations (Potesta or Malanotte) and are subjected to the medieval winemaking techniques so famous in Veronese winemaking—a period of appassimento prior to pressing combined with a multi-year aging period in different oak casks and tanks.  The ensuing wines are rich, opulent, and incredibly complex.

Prosecco Frizzante
Prosecco Brut

Pinot Grigio DOC

Potesta DOC
Raboso Passito (500 ml)
Malanotte DOCG


2014 Pinot Grigio IGT

2010 Potesta DOC

Best Buy (Wine Spectator)

Une Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)

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