The largest of the main Piemontese growing zones, Alba is an appellation overflowing with wines of unrivalled stylistic opulence.  Leading the way is the renowned Barolo commune, epicenter of Piemonte’s Nebbiolo’s production and home to the region’s finest cru sites.  Comprised of five hill-top villages each boasting their own unique microclimate, this commune has come to be synonymous with the production of tannic, structured wines of superior quality.


Located in the village of Barolo, the estate of Bric Cenciurio is one of the district’s hidden gems.  Operated by two generations of the Pitatore and Sacchetto family, the winery is committed to creating superior quality wines that are complex and refined yet also expressive of their terroir.  Their work within some of the village’s most important cru sites, including the famous Barolo vineyards of Monrobiolo di Bussia and Coste di Rose, are some of the most attractive and elegant wines to come out of the commune.  Similarly, their cultivation of a monopole site for a new Barolo project (named for the family) has received lavish praise from critics throughout Italy.

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2013 Barbera d'Alba

2012 Nebbiolo Langhe

2011 Barolo Pitatore

2011 Monrobiolo di Bussia

2013 Birbet


2011 Monrobiolo Bussia        Due Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)

2011 Pitatore                     Due Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)