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Long heralded as "The King of Wines", Barolo has come to be recognized as one of Italy's most important and complex wines. First produced during the Risorgimento period for the House of Savoy and perfected by generations of Piemontese winemakers looking to create an elegant wine exuding structure and unique personality, the Nebbiolo produced in the district's eleven villages rank among the world's most famous and sought-after wines.


Located in the southern part of the zone near the village of Barolo, the estate of Bric Cenciurio is one of the district's hidden gems. Operated by two generations of the Pittatore and Sacchetto families, the winery is committed to crafting superior quality wines that are complex, refined, yet also expressive of their terroir. Their work within some of the village's most important cru sites, including the famous, tiny vineyards of Monrobiolo di Bussia and Coste di Rose, are some of the most attractive and elegant wines to come out of the zone. Similarly, their creation of a family selection of Barolo (named for the estate's founder, Alberto Pittatore) has received lavish praise from critics throughout Italy.


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Roero Arneis DOCG Sito Fosili

Barbera d'Alba DOC
Naunda Barbera Sup.
Barolo Pittatore
Monrobiolo di Bussia
Coste di Rose Barolo Riserva



2014 Monrobiolo di Bussia   90 pts (Wine Enthusiast)

2011 Coste di Rose Riserva   92 pts (Decanter)

2011 Monrobiolo di Bussia    Due Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)

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