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Hidden in the northernmost part of Piemonte, Gattinara is a small DOCG with ancient winemaking traditions. The area's name is reputedly taken from the famous Roman general, Catullus, and there is evidence that viticulture has occurred here since Roman times. Today a small zone boasting some 100 hectares of volcanic and gravelly soil, the area has come to produce Nebbiolo as complex and inviting as its more famous counterparts in the Langhe.


A historic producer of the district, Cantina del Signore has its origins in the aftermath of the Second World War. Created out of the union of the Nervi and Del Signore families, the five hectares of the estate are exclusively planted to traditional varieties (most importantly Spanna di Nebbiolo). Everything is manipulated by hand, and aging follows the strict requirements of the area--24 or 36 months in oak, with additional aging done in bottle prior to release.


A refreshing yet structured take on Nebbiolo, this has come to be known as one of Italy's most interesting wines--don't miss out!


Il Putto Gattinara

La Crotta Costa della Sesia

Gattinara Riserva

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