A lovely seaside town in Western Sicily, Marsala has a rich and ancient winemaking tradition.  Grapes were the premiere cash crop of the ancient world, and the first vineyards were planted here shortly after the city’s founding by Carthaginian settlers in 396 BC.  The region burst onto the international stage in 1773, when British merchant John Woodhouse decided to export some of the wines to his clients in London.  To make them more palatable and help them survive the long sea travel, Woodhouse chose to fortify the wine with extra alcohol in the manner of Madeira or Sherry—the finished product was an instant hit, and came to be known by the name of its birthplace.


Founded in 1875, Curatolo Arini is Sicily’s oldest family run winery still in operation.  The Curatolo family takes this distinction seriously, and clings to tradition as few others do.  The winery is the only one that still produces its “Mosto Cotto” over an open fire in the ancient method, and it is one of the few that still uses large Slavonian Casks.  Even the labels are steeped in tradition—first created during the 1890s by artist Ernesto Basile, they are still employed in the family’s product line. 


Ever careful to cater to their market, the family also began to produce still wines in the 1970s.  These represent some of the best values in Sicilian wine today. 


2015 Paccamora Inzolia IGP

2015 Coralto Grillo IGP

2015 Zibibbo IGP


2015 Nero d'Avola IGP

2015 Paccamora Cabernet


Marsala Fine Semi-Secco

Marsala Superiore Dry

Marsala Superiore Sweet

Marsala Superiore Riserva

Marsala Sup. Riserva 1988