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Long heralded for its production of some of Tuscany’s most complex and cellar-worthy wines, the tiny hill-top village of Montepulciano has enjoyed a rich winemaking tradition dating to Etruscan times. Located near Siena and rival only to Montalcino in reputation, the growing commune dates to the late 1370s, when Pope Gregory XI seized much of the land in Southern Tuscany to resurrect the Papal States. Hectares of prize vineyard land near Montepulciano were redistributed to French Vignerons in service to the Papal Court, and the new commune quickly became famous for producing “wine for the nobles” (translated into Italian as Vino Nobile).


Composed of several of the best and most famous vineyard sites around the growing commune, Il Conventino was formed in 1974. Over the decades, it has become one of the region’s leading producers, recognized for its superior quality and complex wines. Purchased in 2000 by the Brini family, the estate and vineyard holdings have been expanded to include several new parcels, and the focus has shifted toward the production of 100% varietal wines focused in the main regional clones— Sangiovese Grosso and Prugnolo Gentile. Setting itself apart from the competition, the wines are rustic and designed to age beautifully, and the entire property has undergone strict organic certification.


Vino Nobile (375 ml)

Vino Nobile (750 ml)

Vino Nobile Riserva


2015 Vino Nobile

2016 Rosso di Montepulciano

2013 Vino Nobile Riserva

92 pts (Wine Enthusiast)

90 pts (Wine Enthusiast)

93 pts (Wine Enthusiast)

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