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Brilliant, unique, and yet largely unknown to American consumers, the wines of Campania remain some of Italy's best kept secrets. For centuries, growers here have quietly produced structured, expressive wines that exude the terroir of their vineyards and the unchanging bucolic rusticity of the region. They are wines loaded with personality and strong character, wines that over-deliver to the consumer's palate.


The dominant force behind the region's spectacular terroir is Mount Vesuvius. The world's most famous volcano, it's turbulent and destructive history in ancient times created a landscape capable of producing wines that are fruit forward and rich in acidity. The majority of these wines are crafted with grapes that are indigenous varietals for the area, first planted millennia ago by Greek colonists. The best wines traditionally come from the region's most famous varieties-- Falanghina and Aglianico--grown in vineyards on the slopes of the volcano and the surrounding hillsides.


Created as a testament to these 2 magnificent grapes, the wines of Il Vulcano Imperiale are everything Campanian wines should bedrinkable, affable, and approachable.


Campania Bianco IGT

Campania Rosso IGT

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