The largest of the main Piemontese growing zones, Alba is an appellation overflowing with wines of unrivalled stylistic opulence.  Leading the way is the renowned Barolo commune, epicenter of Piemonte’s Nebbiolo’s production and home to the region’s finest cru sites.  Comprised of five hill-top villages each boasting their own unique microclimate, this commune has come to be synonymous with the production of tannic, structured wines of superior quality.

  At the very heart of the commune near the village of La Morra lies the famous winery of Mauro Molino.  Founded in 1953 under the watchful eye of the historic abbey of San Martino di Marcenasco, the winery is comprised of some 13 hectares of vineyards, many of which planted to Nebbiolo since the 11th century.  Operated since 1982 by oenologist and winery namesake Mauro Molino, the property is committed to developing Barolo in a cru setting, lavishing special attention upon the famous vineyard sites of Conca, Gancia, and Gallinotto.  The winery has also developed a similar cru program for Barbera centered in La Morra’s spectacular Gattere cru and exclusively employing 20 year old vines.


2014 Dolcetto d'Alba

2014 Barbera d'Alba

2012 Barbera Le Gattere

2011 Barolo Gallinotto

2011 Barolo Bricco Luciani

2012 Barolo Conca

2012 Barolo Serra


2011 Barbera Gattere           Due Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)

2011 Barolo Gallinotto           Tre Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)

2011 Barolo Bricco Luciani         94 Points (James Suckling)

2012 Barolo Conca                   97 Points (James Suckling)

2012 Barolo Serra                   92 Points (James Suckling)