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A network of picturesque hill-top villages located in the very heart of Asti, The Monferrato district has been home to some of Italy's best wines for centuries. The growers here have proven that the area's sandy terroir produces a different type of wine, wine that is complex and layered yet bright with a rich minerality.


While the area is known for great Barbera, Monferrato is also a home to Italy's finest Pinot Nero. Transplanted from Burgundy in the mid-19th century, the grape achieved notoriety in 1894 with its publication in a scientific work outlining the best varietals of the Asti zone. Today recognized as a top growing area for the grape, the production of Pinot Nero in Monferrato is going through a resurgence and renaissance.


Created as a testament to the area's great wines, Mombaruzzo 1894 is everything Pinot Noir should be-- drinkable, approachable, and friendly.


Pinot Nero DOC

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