The roots of winemaking in Sicily are truly ancient, arriving on the island with Greek settlers as early as the 8th Century BCE.  Focusing early colonization to the island’s southern and eastern shores, these new city states sought to establish a new frontier for Magna Graecia, a western outpost for the civilized and those things inherently Greek.  Their decision to cultivate vineyards and produce wine, the very life blood of normal Greek life and every social gathering, would forever change the face of the landscape and the development of wine in Italy.

Found near the ancient city of Siracusa, the tiny Vittoria district remains one of Sicily’s most important growing zones.  The famous Cerasuolo wine represents the island’s sole DOCG wine, and the Nero d’Avola produced here has more structure than examples found on other parts of the island.

A grower with a longstanding reputation for quality winemaking, Paolo Cali makes some of Vittoria’s most elegant wines.  Produced in small quantities, they represent the best Sicily has to offer.


2014 Jazz Rosso Sicilia IGT

2012 Violino Nero d'Avola

2014 Mandragola Frappato

2012 Cerasuolo di Vittoria


2010 Violino Nero         Due Bicchieri (Gambero Rosso)