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Long regarded as the culinary soul of the Italian peninsula, the province of Emilia Romagna has been the birthplace of such famous delicacies as Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, and Prosciutto di Parma.  Its viticultural traditions are much newer in origin, torn for decades between the cultivation of dry wines and sweet sparkling wine while carrying an overall reputation for volume orientation.  Much has been done to combat this reputation in recent years, and growers throughout the region have begun to shed their commercialized past in favor of an artisanal approach that provides a more detailed interpretation of the local terroir.


Nowhere is the region’s artisanal wine movement more prevalent than in the Romagna.  A quiet growing zone rapidly establishing itself as a rival to Tuscany in the production of great Sangiovese, the Romagna has received considerable international acclaim in recent years for its growing number of family run estates dedicated to improving the quality of their vineyard holdings and finished wines.  Rontana is just such a grower, operated by the legendary Ricci Curbastro family at their ancestral estates in Lugo di Romagna and Rontana di Brisghella.  Production is focused upon Sangiovese, and the ensuing wines show the consumer what the varietal has to offer.

Sangiovese Colli di Faenza DOC

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