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Often overlooked by many American consumers, the four communes of Barbaresco have been making incredible wines for generations. Quietly tolling in a hilly landscape that is nothing short of breathtaking, the growers here cultivate Nebbiolo that is both complex and elegant. Traditionally produced in much smaller quantities than their counterparts in Barolo, these are wines that represent some of the most exciting found in Italy.


Found near Nieve in the Northeastern part of Barbaresco, the vineyards of San Mauro are committed to the historical wines of the zone. Founded in the early 1920s and operated by the affable Mauro Bianco, the property encompasses some 40 hectares of vineyards which include parcels in the famous Canova cru. Harvested by hand and crafted in a very traditional manner, the wines produced here represent some of the area’s vibrant, layered examples of Nebbiolo. Similar praise is deserved for the estate’s Moscato d’Asti, produced in very small quantities near Castagnole delle Lanze.


Moscato d'Asti DOCG


Barbaresco DOCG

Canova Barbaresco DOCG

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