Located in the southernmost part of the Italian peninsula, Basilicata is another wine region largely unknown to American consumers.  Home to rustic, expressive wines loaded with personality and structure, the region’s growers have mastered the art of painting a vivid picture of their native terroir with every glass.  These are some of Italy’s most exciting wines, yet also some of Italy’s most mysterious wines.

Arguably the most important of the region’s districts, the Vulture zone is a truly unique place.  Found on the slopes of a dormant volcano, the area boasts a multitude of differing microclimates perfect for the creation of complex wines, particularly Aglianico.

Founded in 2003, Tenuta I Gelsi is committed to the traditional varietals of the area.  Encompassing some 10 hectares of vineyards in 3 distinct terroir, the main production of the estate is Aglianico.  Harvested by hand and vinified in limited quantities, the wines produced represent some of the finest examples of Aglianico available.


2013 Gelso Rosso

2010 Aglianico del Vulture DOC