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Translated from Italian as “The Vineyard Table”, Tavolo Vigneto was founded in 2013 by a group of experienced wine industry veterans. Developed with the goal of importing and marketing the finest wines and related beverage products available from Italy, the company seeks to employ the concepts of “Farm to Table” in its strict selection process and looks to partner with family owned, artisanal growers possessing a strong reputation for quality and a dedication to producing wines that express and are in harmony with both their specific vineyards and growing regions.


In keeping with its goals, Tavolo Vigneto is committed to creating an exciting and innovative portfolio that meets exacting standards of excellence while satisfying a niche in the market. Dedicated to offering uncompromising taste, value and service to our customers in the independent restaurant, private club, and fine wine retail communities, we look to make the very best available from vineyard to table.

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