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Located in Italy's Northwestern-most corner and sharing a border with France, the Valle d'Aosta is nothing short of breathtaking. Nestled into the heart of the Alps, this picture perfect area boasts quaint villages and jaw-dropping scenery. The feel is decidedly Alpine here, an intoxicating blend of Swiss, French, and Italian influences that combine to create an atmosphere that is unique to other parts of Italy.


Overlooking the Dora Baltea river, the high elevation slopes of Donnas are the region's eastern-most sub zone. The area's close proximity to Piemonte also gives it strong viticultural traditions that are tied to Nebbiolo. It is (in fact) the only DOC zone of the Valle d'Aosta that is dedicated to that varietal, with most of the small number of hectares being planted to the local Picotendro clone and terraced (much like Carema) in the pergola method. The ensuing wines are elegant and complex, softer than their more famous counterparts in the Langhe.


One of two producers in the DOC, Pianta Grossa is a young estate with a rich history. Named in honor of a massive 400 year old chestnut tree that once dominated the winery's courtyard, the estate was founded in 2014 with just 2 hectares of vines that straddle the villages of Donnas and Point St Martin at an elevation of 1,600 feet above sea level. Taking advantage of the sandy soils and unique microclimate, the estate is dedicated to the employment of natural methods. No herbicides or irrigation are used.


With a total production of 800 cases, quantities are extremely limited--don't miss out!


396 Nebbiolo Valle d' Aosta

Dessus Nebbiolo Valle d' Aosta

Georgos Donnas DOP

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