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Long heralded as "The King of Wines", Barolo has come to be recognized as one of Italy's most important and complex wines. First produced during the Risorgimento period for the House of Savoy and perfected by generations of Piemontese winemakers looking to create an elegant wine exuding structure and unique personality, the Nebbiolo produced in the district's eleven villages rank among the world's most famous and sought-after wines.


A historic producer from the region's easternmost district of Serralunga d'Alba, Rivetto was founded in 1902. Located atop a hillside overlooking the town, the vineyards are set in a truly prime location, boasting ideal conditions for the creation of superior quality wine. The estate has also become known for a fanatical respect of the land and its unique approach to cultivation- -working as an organic and largely sustainable entity, the estate has championed the novel idea of incorporating the production of other native plants (including plots of barley and oats) into the vineyards, all with the goal of refreshing the soil and bringing balance to the ecosystem.


Nascetta Langhe DOC


Marcarini Barbaresco

Serralunga Barolo DOCG

Leon Barolo Riserva

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