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The most famous wine production area of Tuscany, Chianti Classico boasts a rich history that few other zones can rival. First outlined by the Grand Dukes of Tuscany in 1716, the zone was expanded in 1932 to encompass nine villages which straddle the provinces of Florence and Siena. Today, the region has become home to some of Italy's finest Sangiovese and complex wines that can rival the best that Brunello di Montalcino or Vino Nobile di Montepulciano have to offer.


Located near Greve in Chianti and the district's northeastern corner, Savignola Paolina was founded in the early 17th Century. Owned by the Fabbri family since 1780, the estate helped give birth to the Chianti Classico consorzio in 1932 and was the first to bottle a Riserva in the modern style. Today operated as a sustainable farm, the estate is dedicated to crafting products that respect the territory and its unique peculiarities while reaching the perfect balance between tradition, innovation, and elegance.


Richly textured and tightly structured, this is what Chianti Classico should be!


Chianti Classico DOCG "Ora"

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