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Located in the northernmost part of Piemonte and at the region’s border with Valle d’Aosta, the picturesque village of Carema is a tiny appellation of some 13 hectares of vines. An amazing patchwork of tiny, family owned parcels cut into the hillside and terraced using the old Roman viticultural method of Pergola, the area has become famous for the amazing character of its Nebbiolo. It has also been lamented throughout the world of wine that much of this production has historically been controlled by 2 wineries, 1 of them being the local co-operative.


Sorpasso represents a refreshing change to that picture. Founded in 2012 by Vittorio Garda and Martina Ghirardo, this tiny winery of 1 hectare has been established with the goal of protecting and preserving the rich traditions of the area. Farming is done organically, and the focus is concentrated in the historic grapes of the area—the Picotendro clone of Nebbolo, Neretto, and Ner d’Ala. Worked and harvested by hand, the resulting wines are beautifully crafted, rich and herbal examples of Nebbiolo at its finest.


Quantities are extremely limited—don’t miss out!


Sorpasso Carema DOC

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